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08-09-2005, 06:18 AM
Anyone ever converted a Hots into electric? We have a few planes that we would like to make eletric buit dont want to have to have $100's in batterys.

Hots 40 size

Sig Fazer

Ace 4-40 Bi Plane

If anyone has any info on any of them it would be great.we are flying 20 ish foamy size planes right now.

Matt Kirsch
08-11-2005, 05:54 PM
You don't have to spend lots of money on batteries. NiMH is still a very viable alternative, and even the best NiMHs are still quite a bit less expensive than LiPolys. You just give up a little in the weight and duration departments.

All three planes should make nice conversions using 14-16 cell packs. To keep both the weight and cost down, I'd recommend using Sanyo HR4/5FAUP 1950mAh cells. They're 1.6oz to a Sub C's typical 2.1oz. You may think .5oz isn't worth it... How's 8oz, 1/2 a pound, in weight savings sound on a 16 cell pack? Flight times will be around 5 minutes, but they're a much more enjoyable 5 minutes rather than a hairy, heavy, sluggish 8 minutes from Sub Cs.

Since these are older fun-fly designs, I'm betting you probably won't want to be doing 3D with them. Good hotrod performance is what I'm betting you're after.

Any of these planes would do well with the aforementioned 14-16 cell NiMH pack, an AXi 2826/12 and 12x8 APC Thin-E(lectric) prop.

08-12-2005, 10:58 PM
Go to the Hobby Lobby site and look at the conversions they have done. We are stacking up the supplies for the Sig Kadet Lt 25 conversion. Will be starting a thread on it once we get into the build.


Gainesville fl

09-02-2005, 01:02 PM
Have the Sig Kadet LT 25 on the bench. Built a new firewall and moved it 1" forward so the thrust washer of the AXI 2826-10 thrust washer is just in front of the fuselage sides.

Was waiting for the new trailing edge's to come in from Sig, the original weren't usable. Have the wing on the bench now and trying a new technic for sheeting the wing. This is a technic that I found in a book that was written several years ago. White glues sand easier and are lighter, so that is why I decided to try it, Sig recommends aliphatic and medium CA glues for a lighter plane.

Coat all the joints with aliphatic glue, Titebond, Elmers or whatever you have and use. Wait thirty minutes for the glue to "dry". Put the sheeting in place and iron with an iron set at wool setting or 300 degrees if you have a heat gauge.

I am using an old Tower Hobbies covering iron and it seems to be working well.

Wife won't let me use her iron and I don't want to use mine, so I tried the old covering iron.

Pictures at 11 o'clock

By George