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01-03-2006, 10:16 PM
I received the two Berg 4L's that I ordered a few minutes ago. I had swiped the receiver out of the Skimmer 400, so it will be back in the air.

Loks like a very good one for all electric sail planes and gliders that only need four channels. Very small and the matching crystal is the same, not a standard size crystal.

Heres hoping CC has kept with the standards that Berg was known for. But then CC is well known also, so that should be a gimme.
By George

01-03-2006, 10:26 PM
Keep us up to date on how they work out for you. I love my Berg 5's. I have 6 of them and have never had a glitch. I'm waiting on the new 7 channel Bergs to hit the market.

01-04-2006, 12:19 PM
Tried the Berg 4L this AM.

With a 4 cell battery set up on channel 4 it took what seemed a long time to set up, glitches and wiggles, before it recognized the transmitter.

Every thing was great after that. Satisfied I went in to installing it in the Skimmer 400. I fly the Skimmer with a Skysport 4, so after the install I tried a 6X and it took about 8 seconds to settle down. That is what I called a long time to settle down, this time I watch the clock. Turned the Skysport on with the 6X on and it held the same settings, oh, I hadn't set the fail safe either, turned off the 6X and it still held the same settings.

The only range check so far is only in the garage, two car with several flourescent lights, old eyes, and it functioned as it should. This garage has never had a car in it.

After all of that, everytime I turned the Skysport on it took one second to recognize it. That is with the flight battery in and ready to go.

I know from past experience with GWS and Plantraco receivers that I have a very "noisey" work area, so I am pleased so far.

I am grounded for the time being, just had some eye surgery a week ago and wasn't supposed to be in the shop, dust and dirt,etc.

Will keep you posted. :)

By George