View Full Version : Oldest "electric kit" rekit photo!

06-28-2008, 02:39 AM
In the name of Bob Bousher and all that is holly, I claim to have the oldest crash photo of a plane built from a kit that was designed specifically for E-Power!

Anyway, I found a "Kodak" instant camera picture of my first E-plane, an Astro Sport that was designed the year, 1980, that I bought, built and crashed it (on the first flight).

Bob came out to a park where I worked looking for areas to fly. I got excited about the whole concept (at that time nitro powered planes were baned in the park due to the noise). Within the month I visited his shop, Astro Flight, and bought the A-Sport kit.

Check out the specs and see if you can figure out why the plane crashed when I cut the throttle to land....




06-30-2008, 04:15 AM
A few things I remembered...
The plane came in at 2+lbs! As hard as I tried, the 05 can motor and RC car battery pack (an 1100 mah) were just too heavy. Not to mention the "mini" servos I could affore that weighed about an ounce each...

No shear webbing! Bob said it added too much weight.

At full throttle the AS flew fine, but it's stall speed was about 85% of full throttle, and I made the mistake of trying to flair a landing!

I think I will have to build another just to see how well it can fly with new equipment... CD rom motor, two or three cell Lipo ,Hs 81s Berg micro stamp... I have these sitting in a Slow Stick that I haven't used for a while.

Have to finish up a project or two first to clean off the work bench, but I can hear the past calling so will just have to "re"build it!