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07-13-2008, 05:38 AM
The Hoosick Aeromodelers is AMA chartered club since 1978. We are located in north east corner Renselear County of upstate NY near the Vermont border. We have 2 beautiful flying fields available for flying. One with a east/west axis and the other with NW/SE axis. Both are mowed with reel type fairway mowers. Typical height of grass is 2 inchs. Perfect for smaller electric planes.

We average about 50 active flyers with interests that vary from electrics, scale, trainers, multi engines, high performance, sport, 3D, etc.

The club has several qualified flight instructors to offer help in RC flight training with regular scheduled instruction evenings. ( as agreed upon by instructor and student )
The club owns "Buddy Boxes" for most radio systems
We have club owned trainer aircraft for new comers to the hobby to try it out.

We meet on 1st Sunday of month - 7PM - @ "Strawberry Acres" located 1.1 mile west of Eagle Bridge NY Route 67

All welcome to attend at anytime!

AMA membership is required for flight privileges

Guests are welcome to fly (up to 6 days per yr. w/o club membership
check out our website http://hoosickaeromodelers.org/index.html for more info about our club. We look forward to flying with you.