View Full Version : Wanted charger wanted.

07-26-2008, 11:15 PM
I had until last week ,a Tritron charger and was happy with it. I lost all my electrical flying stuff in one accident last week. Had a large tackle box full and it is no more.
Looking for a tritron or perhaps the astro, or thunder power lipo and nimh. also the balancer and any new 2cell batteries that are name brand.
thanks for any help you might offer.
Peter In Oregon

Subsonic Ken
09-22-2008, 02:37 AM
If you have not found a charger yet I have a great Planes TRITON I bought probably 4 years ago, but only used it maybe 50 times, I don't use it anymore because I never bought a balancer for it and now use other chargers. I still have the box and made two charge plugs for it, deans and micro deans. I paid $134.99 for it years ago from HobbyTown USA and would love to get $60 for it and I would pay the priority shipping to send it to ya.

Sorry to here of your loss let me know if I can help I own an on line hobby shop www.subsonicplanes.com (http://www.subsonicplanes.com) Also I have a lot of other brand brushless motors and ESC combos some slightly used and some new. Also a lot of tower pro servos both 5 and 9 gram 5 packs of either are $29.95 and tower pro motors I can no longer have on the web site since we are now the Exclusive Distributor of Motrolfly.

Best of luck