View Full Version : NiCad to Li-Po Conversion

Dave Long
01-17-2006, 02:41 PM
The following is for a F5B Hotliner Sailplane. Climb to altitude and soar for awhile, repeatadly. I am using a 10 cell NiCad pack that is 2400 mah and would like to get more time out of a flight. I currently have a Kontronik 500-48 motor and a Smile 50-6-18 controller. The motor is rated at 4800U/min/V, 6-14 cells, 40-80A continuous, 130A max and 50,000 max rpm. The controller can be converted (at the factory) to accomidate Li-Po. It is rated at 6-18 cells, 50A continuous and 60A for 15 seconds. Need advice.....1) What are the battery specs I am looking for to get more time and not toast my equipment? (looking for max flight time and proper output) 2) Is it worth converting the ESC or should I purchase another ESC (cost to convert is $30). 3) Can I put any other Li-Po ready ESC on this motor or are motors and esc's designed specifically for each other? 4) Any other advice?

Mike Parsons
01-17-2006, 03:55 PM
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