View Full Version : Denver/Front Range hobby stores?

08-19-2008, 08:08 PM
Any good hobby stores (subjectively) in Northern Denver? Specifically, is there anything left between Westminster and Ft. Collins? The two I know of don't fit my 'good' list....

08-19-2008, 08:58 PM
I know of Hobby Town in fort collins. I was up there the other day for a meeting and i went in to look around. I hated the atmosphere myself, some douche bag attacked me right as i went in the store and looked at me funny like i was gonna steal something. Then i asked him for heli parts and he didnt know jack, so he had to get some douche bag #2 to help me and he didnt seem in the best of moods either. So i got kinda donald trump with him and asked him for some mainshafts, they were over priced and it didnt seem like he knew his stuff either cause when i asked him for them, he asked me if i had an SA or V2 like i was stupid. Too bad they are the same shafts for both. So i took them up paid for them and left, but noticed a really hot girl on the way out there that worked there, why couldnt she have helped me !?!?! All in all the place sucked for my heli needs , but they looked like they had a bunch of plane stuff. PLus the people that helped me gave me enough reason to never go back.

I live in denver denver , so i use action hobbies and colpar wesst hobbies. The people there know me and we are all on first name basis, they will order stuff for me in a heartbeat if they dont have it, and it's a good place just to chat about planes and flying feild. These people know what i need, they know my heli and they know my name. Can't aask for any better than that. And they usually always, one or the other, have the part i need for my trex 450 v2.