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09-10-2008, 07:36 AM
Update: 2009 Version-Finally a super easy way to make tapered foam wings.

A single template is only needed on one side of the core meaning no more alignment problems. Your cores will be straight and true everytime. This will show you 2 ways that wings can be made both of which only have movement on the same side as the template.

This system works by pulling the heated wire pivoting opposite a base. The taper can be changed by distance of base to the cores. Also cuts any chord you wish as well as length. The wingtip thickness is also reduced in perfect proportion to taper as you would expect. No pulleys, levers or anything else is used to make great cuts.

How you cut: You cut the cores from a seated position so you can concentrate. You also are sitting at the root end without leaning over the wing. The other side is cut automatically- simple.

Complete guide to sheeting wings with paper products is included or just tape for combat..

No more bows - No more messed up cores- Many pics and diagrams!
Nothing to build no complicated blueprints to read! Just clamp to base and cut
Spar grooves -with heat or sanding tool shown how.
Use for EPP or EPS foam wing with or without sheeting and or tape.
2nd Guide is included for sheeting with poster paper or any type.
Unlike others this can be powered with ordinary auto charger.
You control heat and tension opposite a fixed base eliminating all errors.
Makes wings with taper. Easily adjusted in minutes.
Money back guarantee for ease of use. All the planes shown below were made with this. 2 cutting wires are included 13 ft each.
51 pages with many large pics and diagrams.
No software needed sent on self loading CD.
At this low price you get the CD and wire with all the tips making your cuts come out perfect a real bargain in saved foam.
Shipping charge removed for paypal users if ordered now

$19.95 Includes CD/wire and bonus guide to sheeting wings with paper products.
$11.00 for just the PDF files sent same day

I have cut over 40 lefts and rights using this product for myself with no problems.

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New! 105 page Soaring Guide also available with tons of diagrams and pics for DS etc. Great for those with folding prop ships. $6.96 PDF

05-30-2009, 04:55 AM
Still available with new diagrams and more info as of now.

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