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01-22-2006, 01:58 AM
I noticed this on OMNI Models. It is so new that there are no specs out. Judging by other Dumas electric offerings, I'm guessing that It is about 35" WS. Looks great

http://www2.omnimodels.com/cgi-bin/...&I=DUMA1807&P=O (http://www2.omnimodels.com/cgi-bin/woi0001p?&I=DUMA1807&P=O)

01-28-2006, 05:48 PM
you have great taste in planes ken-when i wrote to dumas regarding this release, it was february, but then i wouldnt be surprised if it goes to march, and i am always 3-6 planes behind so i figure it would sit a little while anyway--or something else half way done would sit--right now the waco ARE is teaching me many little lessons for making the Waco YMF, so it is a very good education to refine his techniques..

pat has very refined skills for making light planes, and then people add a lot of weight using modifications..i have done that myself, but now i try to be true to his vision, and make them out of contest wood where i can replace straight strip wood.

i have made many mistakes on these builds, and continue to do so, on my last plane i left out most of the stringers on the tail, just didnt see them..i also had a bad time with the interplane struts, and i hope i have worked out a good solution using foam templates and rubber bands. his planes are not hard to make, they just require some study in these forums to understand, if you want them to be really good.

01-28-2006, 07:45 PM
Hi Ken,
Thanks for the heads up on the Dumas kit. I have built several Dumas models and I like the way they go together.
Take care,

01-28-2006, 08:27 PM
The Waco YMF-3/5 has always been one of my favorite airplanes. I built 3 of the Pica 1/5 scale YMF-3 kits. The one shown in the photo was built in 1989. Since I got into electrics I have been interested in building a Waco YMF-5. Someone pointed out Pat Tritle's thread and I read the entire thread. Of course, I became more enthused than ever. I'm not in love with the red color scheme because it looks like the nice trim might fade into the red at 15' or more away. I hope pat shows aileron construction on the plans. I also hope that Dumas will provide a 7 cylinder cowl because the 9 cylinder cowl just doesn't look right since the YMF-5 had a Jacobs 275 hp 7 cylinder radial.

I will bet Dumas will sell a bunch when it becomes available. Hope it's soon.