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10-04-2008, 11:44 PM
The unit I work for (122FW ANG Fort Wayne, IN) was originally developed out of the unit that flew the orange tail P-47's. The surviving members from that original unit (358FG/366FS) are visiting the base in a couple weeks, so we painted one of our birds like Tarheel Hal. Thought I'd show it off here.
Rumour has it that one of the actual flying Tarheel Hal P-47's out there may show up and do some air to air photos, but other rumours say it's not gonna happen.
Lots of people don't like it, but the more I look at it, and understanding where it's all coming from, I kinda like it.

10-06-2008, 10:29 PM
New email sent out today at base.

If you have not already, you no doubt will notice soon the brightly
painted F-16 in our ranks. The colors it bears have drawn comments such as
the drone, the great pumpkin, and bumble bee. Aircraft 841264 is adorning a
heritage paint scheme honoring the 358th Fighter Group of WWII, the unit the
122nd FW traces its lineage to. The 358th FG flew P-47s and operated in the
ETO (European Theater of Operations) earning many citations and decorations.
The awards they earned in battle are now carried proudly on the 122nd
Fighter Wing Flag.

The 358th was known as the 'Orangetails' as their P-47s were painted
with orange tail surfaces. The Orangetails will be holding their last
reunion here in the Fort in about a week and a half and it is for them that
this aircraft was painted. The markings on the F-16 all have significance
to the 358th. Starting at the nose, the blue field with stars and a red and
white stripe were modeled after Tarheel Hal, a very colorful P-47 from the
group. There is a P-47 still flying today carrying the markings of Tarheel
Hal. Tying it to Indiana, we have placed 19 stars in the field of blue.
The tail surfaces are orange for obvious reason. The base of the vertical
stabilizer has the '358th Fighter Group' painted on the left side and '122nd
Fighter Wing' on the right. FW and the blue and gold band with the Indiana
torch are basically standard to our aircraft. The black and white stripes
are called invasion stripes and were painted on all allied aircraft for the
D-Day operations. The national insignia is WWII era. The intake details
came from the P-47 engine cowl. The lip is painted red which was indicative
of the 1st Tactical Air Force which the 358th was assigned in November of
1944. There are three color 'blocks ' aft of the red stripe which represent
the 3 squadrons which formed the group. On top is red which was the color
for the 367th Fighter Sq. Below that is white which was the 365th Fighter
Sq, and on the bottom is yellow for the 366th Fighter Sq. Behind these
colors is a blue and white checkerboard design which was one of the common
markings on the cowl flaps for the group.

Attached is a picture of 264 in the heritage paint scheme and also a
picture of Tarheel Hal. </pre>

10-06-2008, 10:55 PM
Keep up the neat paint jobs. Every time you make a neat paint job, thousands of us RCers can copy it and still be legal scale.

Oh I see you are an RCer too, maybe that is why you paint these up like this...very clever...