View Full Version : jack stafford twin commanche conversion

01-25-2006, 01:58 AM
Hi, I am new to EL power plains so I need some help in choosing a set-up. Let me start with what I am hoping to accomplish. I am looking to make a investment in a power plant that I can uwes in more than one plain, so flexsibility is the thing I am looking for help with. Right now I have 2 plans I am looking to power. 1 is a jack stafford twin commanche W/S I think is 72" and about 11lb's the odder is a beech-18 W/S 80" I am not Shir of lb's at this time, I only have plans for the beech. So you can see whir I am going with this. I am looking to power simmuwers twin like the ones I just minuend. OK 2 power trains where recommend to me 1 motor Axi ac2820/12 battery E-tec ET 2480; 3 series times 2 parallel @ 3.7v, ESC castle phoenix 45; high rate and system 2 is AXI 4120/16 JETI jesap70p 4000-4 li-poly. From the little I now, I think that the 4120/? and a Jeti 77 may give me the flixability I am looking for. any comments would be appreciated