View Full Version : DeltaII launch, Vandenburg AFB 10-24-08

Sparky Paul
10-24-2008, 05:15 PM
There will be a good viewable rocket launch this evening. The timing should be good because it's close to sunset.
Look low in the sky to the northwest ( for those of you not in LA, look towards Lompoc ) at 7:29 pm and you should see the rocket rising and then arc over heading west. Use binoculars to possibly see staging. The exhaust should gradually expand as it gets up into the upper atmosphere. If you don't see it by 7:34 pm, that means the launch was aborted.
Happy Viewing!


A Delta II rocket is scheduled for launch this Friday evening from
Vandenberg AFB. The Delta is scheduled to lift-off from Space Launch
Complex 2-West, at 19:28:21 PDT during a launch window that is one
second long.

The Delta will rise vertically for a few seconds before slowly
pitching over and heading south. The booster will later deliver
Italy's COSMO-3 satellite into a near-polar orbit.

After it becomes operational, COSMO-3 will provide high-resolution
radar images of Earth.

Weather permitting, the launch should be visible for at least 200