View Full Version : Forsale MRC Superbrain 989 + Equinox Balancer (Multi Chemistry)

11-07-2008, 03:31 AM
Good day all,

I have a MRC Superbrain 989 Multi-Chemistry AD/DC Charger and Equinox Balancer (Specs: http://www.modelrec.com/search/product-view.asp?ID=6863 (http://www.modelrec.com/search/product-view.asp?ID=6863) and http://www.electrifly.com/chargers/gpmm3160.html (http://www.electrifly.com/chargers/gpmm3160.html)) for sale.

All in great condition and working well. About 1.5yrs old with light usage. I'm upgrading to A123 and need a differnt charger and don't want additional equipment cluttering the shop and field kit.

MRC 989 (Charger, Connectors, Temp Probe, AC Transformer, Manual)
Equinox Balancer (Balancer, Manual, Taps for Greatplanes 2S - 5S and ThunderPower 2S - 3S)
Asking $120 OBO for all + shipping via PayPal (If you are in the Tucson, Phoenix, Albuquerque area - I travel there frequently and can deliver) Package is worth $200+ new

Will be glad to answer any questions.