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11-14-2008, 04:15 AM
Flying my little Yak 55 in strong winds today, a light pole snuck in from the side. Was able to recover a little, but servos were knocked lose and control was minimal. I added a few sound effects to the video, just to make it worth watching.

http://www.vimeo.com/2239107 (http://www.vimeo.com/2239107)


11-14-2008, 06:24 AM
Hi Phil :) Neet video, that pole swayed over to get your plane, i saw it :) At least your Laughing about it :) Take care, Chellie

11-14-2008, 12:55 PM

I did the same thing on Wednesday. I put my new Cap 232 into a light pole on final approach. Darn depth perseption. To my eyes, I was well in front of the pole. The "Bong" informed me that I wasn't. Ripped my wing off and then fell about 75 feet. Newjak is attempting repair (thanks again Barry). 1/2 of the wing was ripped off, and the nose forward of the canopy is a jigsaw puzzle of balsa.

I feel your pain.

11-14-2008, 01:35 PM
With me it's not just depth perception. I get so focused on my plane that I get tunnel vision, and forget to use peripheral vision to see what obsticles are around.

"I feel your pain."

Oh please. I've been in RC over a year now. If crashing caused me pain, the first month alone would have killed me.:Q

01-27-2009, 08:52 PM
lol i like the sound effects

capt. crash
01-30-2009, 09:36 PM
i must say i enjoy the laughing going on...

02-16-2009, 11:21 PM
That was one of those attack light poles, you can't see them but they usually have notches on them somewhere hidden...keeping track of how many planes they have downed! ::o

Nice sound effects too! :D

Bub Steve
02-17-2009, 12:18 AM
If your wingspans 36" the litepoles 12":roll:,( Now stay with me here:cool:) Thats the same thing as fly'in a baseball around a park'in lot with 8' wide barriers every 20-30'::o, thats why I never fly the blacktop-o-death!!!:Qbub, steve PS that fly'in boat of your's looks to be a handfull of plane!!:ws::D great-Job!!!:silly:

02-17-2009, 04:13 AM
Nice video.