View Full Version : 25 ESC programming resetting on its own

12-01-2008, 02:45 AM
I have a Mega 16/15/5 in a small sailplane spinning a 7.5 X 4 prop. The battery is a 3 cell lipo with a 25 CC ESC.

I have successfully ran this combination in this plane most of the season with a 72 mhz receiver. Then last week I changed the radio gear to the Futaba 2.4 ghz using the 6EX 6 transmitter.

I ran the motor successfully at home. But when I took it to the field the motor would go from slow to fast. The top speed was to whatever the throttle was on. Then the throttle would respond normally for a short period of time. Crazy me flew the plane and got it back without damage. But it was a short flight. Throttle response was same on the ground or in the air.

Only change was to the 2.4 ghz radio equipment.

I shut every thing off and after 30 to 60 minutes restarted the system. Everything appeared normal. I did not fly the plane this time.

When I got home I looked at the ESC settings. To my surprise the low voltage cut off was set at 5.4 volts. I use a custom setting of 8.4 volts with all my CC ESC for 3 cell lipos. I have been doing this for 4 years with no issues.

I have flown this ESC with the 73mhz radio to shut off many times.

How can the ESC change its settings by itself.

And is there any thing I need to watch when using the 2.4ghz with my CC ESCs.

I have reset the voltage and all seems normal. But I have to admit I am a little concern about flying this combination.

Anyone have any information on how this can happen.

Thank you.

12-01-2008, 04:26 AM
I would bet that while swapping the RX, you reprogrammed the LVCO without realizing it. Like when you re-bound the RX after it was installed.

Just go fly it.