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01-30-2006, 01:40 AM
1/20/2006 Cumming, Georgia
Atlantahobby.com, the nations leader in distributing innovative Electric-Only Flight products to consumers around the world announced today that it would distribute the new, and much anticipated Extreme Flight RC Extra 300-E.

About the Extreme Flight Extra 300-E
With its Computer Aided Design, 45 inch wing span, two-piece removable wings and other high quality details, the Extra 300-E is a high performance, durable, and easily transportable package that delivers the ultimate in flight performance. Cliff Whitney, Owner of Atlantahobby.com stated The Extreme Flight Extra 300-E is the most exciting flying machine and the highest quality aircraft we have ever seen.

Over the past year designer Mike Hall has worked hard to design this new aircraft paying specific attention to its detailed construction and flight characteristics. Extreme Flight is fortunate to be working with Mike as he is not only a top notch designer (Aerolock Models) but is also a professional computer aided design (CAD) operator and has been designing the highest quality RC aircraft for years. Mike has now teamed with professional pilot Chris Hinson from Extreme Flight RC to release what Atlantahobby.com founder Cliff Whitney thinks is the finest production ARF the hobby industry has ever seen.

Mrwhitney says "During the design phase this ship was flown hundreds of hours and with Mikes ability to do the CAD work and being fortunate to have his own in-house laser to do the rapid prototypes the parts fit right and it flies just perfect too (see the video by clicking here (http://www.atlantahobby.com/shopexd.asp?id=6017) ). The ability to design, build rapid prototypes and fly here in the states to make it just right is unheard of in aircraft design, and with the Extra 300-E you have it all!"

Chris has even traveled and supervised the production start up overseas to be sure that the construction was done to his and Mikes liking and with the grade of materials that were specified in the design. Mr. Whitney stated Its about time we had a really great flying ARF with an over 40 inch wing span that is still lightweight! With the Extras 45 inch wingspan and weight of only 30-33 oz you will not find a finer product on the market! I am just so excited to present this model to my customers and dealers and know they will love it!

The Extra has many unique features. It includes a 2 piece removable wing that mounts on a carbon fiber wing tube. The canopy/hatch is one piece, ready to use out of the box so no more messy cutting and trying to fit and glue. The Cowl is fiberglass not some flimsy plastic. The canopy is retained by 4 rare earth magnets, again already installed for you so the build can be done in one evening! Access to the inside of the plane and battery tray is instantaneous as you just lift up on the back of the canopy and you are in. Even the motor mount is already designed and fitted for todays powerful brushless outrunners. Most of the building is already done for you!

The plane is available in two gorgeous RED/WHITE/BLACK and BLUE/WHITE/SILVER color schemes. It includes all hardware including a pull system for the rudder and a high quality decal sheet.

With a large commitment to volume and a close working relationship with Extreme Flight RCs Owner Chris Hinson, Cliff Whitney and Atlantahobby.com are now able to bring this aircraft to their customers and dealers. Mr. Whitney went on to state You will not find an aircraft for under $300 with the features, flight characteristics and quality build like the Extra 300-E has. We plan to offer the plane at the incredible price of $169.99 and will carry a large range of spare parts and brushless motor combos to make it easy for pilots to fly the best!Click here to see it fly and read more about this new aircraft (http://www.atlantahobby.com/shopexd.asp?id=6017)

About Atlantahobby.com
Originally launched in 1978 as Whitney's Glider Supply, Atlantahobby.com is a privately held Georgia corporation located in Cumming, GA. Atlantahobby.com mission is to deliver the highest quality E-Flight products to consumers and dealers around the globe. The company is blessed to be located in a very rural area 45 miles north west of Atlanta, Georgia and is fortunate to have two locations, one 70 acre facility for flying and testing new (and top secret products) and one for its retail storefront and mail-order activities. Cliff Whitney is the company owner. Mr. Whitney has been called a visionary by Internet and retail industry executives. He is recognized as an eCommerce industry innovator who helped build a small photo company start up to over 800 locations and 600 million in annual sales. Mr. Whitney also helped to design and create the world's first on-line photo storage and sharing systems in the early 90s. These systems are now owned by Eastman Kodak as O photo and also known as AOL's You've Got Pictures. Cliff has been a guest lecturer at universities and large corporations around the world, has served as a guest columnist in over 11 national magazines. Mr. Whitney is a sought after retail and Internet consultant working with some of the nations largest retailers. More at www.atlantahobby.com (http://www.atlantahobby.com/) and at www.cliffwhitney.com (http://www.cliffwhitney.com/)

01-30-2006, 01:42 AM
Here are a few photos of the new aircraft

02-23-2006, 02:17 PM
Just a heads up that we are now shipping!