View Full Version : 11.1v 2200 mah extreme v2 problem

12-07-2008, 10:49 PM
My 11.1v 2200 mah extreme v2 batteries (5) seemed to have lost most of their power only after a few flights. I have six 11.1v 2100mah batteries from 2006 that are still good as new. The max current has never exceeded 35amps. I have the TP1010c TP610, and two TP535 chargers and 205v balancers. I follow all the lipo rules. I never charge over 1.5amps. I store them at 50% and sometimes it is 4 or 5 months between flights. Any input would be helpful, I do plan to contact Thunder Power in the next couple of days. I use Phoenix 35, 45 and 60 amp ESCs and AXI motors.


George G. Royal