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12-11-2008, 04:57 PM
let's go back a few months ago...

Flying a Pantera 50, still getting some things sorted on it, all of a sudden about 2 min into the flight, it rolles right and just drops. I can't get the cyclic to respond. - playing with it on the bench, one cyclic servo starts glitching, pretty soon it just locks and acts like it has no power. I send it in, Hitec replaces for free (thanks!) but says we found nothing wrong!

eesh, so an expensive rebuild later I'm up, shaking it out again (again slow figure eights to just sort it out) now it pitches up, blades slow too much and it drops!
two flights in a row! two minutes, and two serious crashes! yikes! (2020 hindsight suggests I had a faulty regulator that glitched and poor collective in the turns degraded the head speed too much to recover) *shrug*

so, one more: shifting to my 450, acts a little funny and I'm coming in to land and check it out, suddenly loose the tail and I don't have enough altitude to do anything, painful crash! (3500rpm head speed dose some damage!) - turns out the boom slipped causing an over-tight belt, shredded the belt, bla bla.

so - three mechanicals in a row (not pilot skills) kinda hurts. I shift focus to planes. just put together a nice Kyosho spitfire e conversion to replace my GeeBee Dreamer (that bad pilot skills put in!) and I'm having fun with my CG Chipmunk park 400. The thing is quick and fun and has unlimited verticle with a TowerPro combo.

I'm really feeling good with the Chipmunk and decided to see if I can keep up with the gulls that are flying over. I short dog fight and I find myself at high speed headed straight down. try to pull up, spin. try to pull up! spin! SMASH!

1 - don't chase birds, it's very bad karma. (I didn't get close, no harm meant, however... lesson learned!)
2 - so THATS what a snap roll is!!!!! (lesson learned!)

now I'm trying to behave myself. I have a lot invested ($$+time) in this spitfire. Completely rebuilt the retract mounts to sit the covers flush, angled them forward for more stability. Added flaps (can't have this beautiful plane without flaps!). I put more scale effort on this plane than any previous (I'm not a total scale freak yet, maybe someday!)

Last weekend, I grab a short hour to go fly. A quick few minutes with my Seagull Extra 300 (nice plane to replace the chimpmunk, kinda of ironic? Seagull/ was chasing seagulls? maybe I fixed my karma?) anyway. I bit windy/gusty - maybe 10-20 mph, and a direct cross wind on our short runway. I'm thinking, "I'm good in the wind, this is a 5.75 lb model, no worries) A little dicey on the take off, but no big deal. I fly around for a couple of minutes and decide to practice some landings (hardest plane to land I've ever flown) coming in nice and smooth, flaps working a charm, just touching down - flip! cartwheel! POP! wha?

wind caught the wing, I was well under flying speed, flipped it up quick. looked ok, taxied over. but looking at the trailing edge: the wing sheeting had separated from the ribs/spars on the left wing. nearly the whole way! there was a 2" gap in the TE you could see the whole inside. One rib was even ejected onto the run way.


guess it's back to helis for a while!!!
*I'll try to post some carnage shots for those that love the gore*

Don Sims
12-12-2008, 01:43 AM
Hate to read about the carnage but bring on those shots!!

12-12-2008, 03:42 AM
Dang! Your having one of those runs... the bad kind!::o

Hopefully things will improve for you.:)

12-16-2008, 08:07 PM
Added the GeeBee Dreamer and Goldberg Chipmunk photos. I still need to take some of the Spitfire. I'll let you see what they looked like in one piece too.

12-16-2008, 08:31 PM
They look much better in one iece like that!

12-19-2008, 04:57 AM
I feel your pain. I've never lost multiple models in short time. Till friday after Thanksgiving had a Li-po fire in my van. Burned up 3 scratch built foamies. One unrepairable. then the following Sunday flying a Tri-plane 3D foamy scratch built that maybe has 150 flights on it and wham a Ultrafly Balsa ARF Fulkwolf 190 flys right thru it destroying it into confettii. I was ready to quit R/C. But I didn't LOL That big F-14 in my avatar got the nose burned off of it . But it is being fixed.