View Full Version : Dubro Threaded Couplers

02-01-2006, 04:36 AM
Stupid question time. I haven't used thread couplers before... Do I glue the end of the pushrod to the coupler or do I pinch/crimp the coupler with pliers to attach it to the pushrod. you gotta love stupid beginner question.

Matt Kirsch
02-01-2006, 05:03 AM
If it's threaded, you thread it on to a threaded pushrod, like a screw.

However, if your pushrod is smooth, you've got the wrong end of the pushrod, or the wrong type of coupler/clevis. You would want a solder-type coupler/clevis for smooth pushrods, but you also need to be careful soldering them together, or you risk the distinct possibility of them pulling apart in the air. Solder is quite fussy.