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08-10-2005, 11:25 PM
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Hello all you foamie combat fans. Welcome back to high altitude action.

The Super77th airborne RC Combat club is proud to announce the Fifth
Annual Foamy Combat Fun Fly Weekend. Saturday and Sunday August 27th
and 28th. The Event will be held on Williams Peak "South Ridge", in
Heaney Colorado. World Class RC slope soaring.

Events: All day Combat..............some pylon racing........ When:
Saturday and Sunday August 27th and 28th 2003

Where: Williams Peak "South Ridge". From Silverthorne take HWY 9 north
to Green mountain reservoir. Go past reservoir 1 mile and take a right
on Williams peak road (Dirt Road no houses). Go 6 miles up dirt road to
the top, take a right after the 6 Mile marker and go 1/4 mile till you
see open ridge and wind flags. 4X4 recommended although I have gotten
my Toyota mini van up there. It is a VERY rough road so be prepared.
Takes about 30 minutes to get up the road. The winds at south ridge are
INSANE, well worth the drive up.

Camping: Yes, we will be camping Saturday night, there may still be a
fire ban in national forest, so dress warm if you are planning on
camping, bring stove, water, food, drink, beer, tent, propane heater,
and any thing else you can think of, there is no power or facilities at
the top of Williams Peak, nothing but a couple of great camping spots,
plenty of room for every one.....

Entry fees: NONE, its FREE, no fees or AMA licence required. Strictly

Email me [email protected] ([email protected]) with your frequency to reserve it. If your
frequency conflicts with another pilot, both will share the frequency
or change to alternate freq. Reserved Frequencies for Fun Fly

----Reserved FM Channels----
Mark Stewart - 12 FM
Justin Patnode - 15 FM
Karl Gjovik - 36 FM
Paul Doyle - 16 FM
Bruce Stenulson - 27 FM
Rod Barron - 18 FM
eauregard - 54 FM
Bernie Reynoso -
----Reserved AM Channels----
Jeff Kamis - 46 AM
Brendon Fitch - 42 & 52 AM
Shawn Maphies - 44AM

It is a very rough road getting to the top, but well worth it. There
are alternate flight zones if the wind dictates. Hope to see you there.


Call sign: Netlag (Justin Patnode)

These Channels are not reserved as we do not know who will be attending.

08-10-2005, 11:27 PM
I should also add that last years had hotliners, thermal, HLG, and any other type you can think of. Anyone one is welcome to fling what they bring. Lots of ridge and air space.

www.super77th.com (http://www.super77th.com)

11-15-2007, 05:21 PM
See you can raise the dead.
This thread was the very last thread in this forum.
Here's a video clip from this years event/weekend of sailplane orgasima. Flying at Williams peak main site.
Check your six.