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02-02-2009, 04:42 AM
Two Flightpower Evo F3A 5350mah 5S packs FOR SALE! Rated at 17C continuous discharge(90A) and 28C Bursts(150A). Their dimensions 48mm x 44mm x 139mm.

These are extremely powerful 5350mah packs that are easily capable of producing 1500watts each without breaking a sweat. These packs have been designed to be perfectly matched cells. See http://www.duralitebatteries.com/fli...es_evo_f3a.php

I routinely got 3000 watts with my other set that I was using (as a 10S pack) and they hold almost 19 volts each under that load! They are 20.5 ounces each and I have Sermos (Anderson power poles) connectors on them and they also have balance taps.

The three times they have been charged were at a 1C rate and they were network balance charged. They are currently being sold for USD$270 each (see http://www.duralitebatteries.com/fli...es_evo_f3a.php for pricing and more details) but Iím letting them go for $160 each shipped.

I would perfer to sell them together as a 10S pack since they are factory matched cells (unless I get two buyers at the same time wanting 5S packs) so if someone wants two of them Iíll let them go for $310 shipped. (that's $230 bucks off retail for essentially new packs!)

Reason for selling? Well, I've decided that I'll probably be going small this year (if I can actually squeeze in the time) and it's no use them just sitting around if I can't use them.

I prefer PayPal. PM me for payment details please.


P.S. They're the second two packs in the picture (the first two have been sold already) and have got three cycles each. They have been in "cold storage" at between the recommended storage temperature of 1 and 3 degrees centigrade ever since ... at the recommended storage voltage of 3.75v per cell. http://static.rcgroups.com/forums/images/smilies/smile.gif

02-04-2009, 06:05 AM
Sold pending funds.