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08-11-2005, 06:29 PM
This is my Seagull Edge 540 powered by an Axi 4130/20 and 8S Polyquest 4000 mAh. It weighs 4000 g. The plane weighed ~2200 g empty after I had lightened the structure.

I flew 13 flights with an APC 17x10e prop. On the 14th flight I tried an 18x8 prop and the stator came loose from the motor for some reason. It wasn't being overloaded. I have one more flight with a new motor and a 17x8 prop and I think this is the best combination yet. With the big props I got 15 minutes of flying and a couple of minutes for landing. I flew ~10 minutes with the 17x8 yesterday and used just under half the capacity.

Static testing with the 17x8:
39.79 A
26.8 V
1066 W
6960 rpm

AXI 4130/20
Hacker Master OPTO 77 ESC
PolyQuest 4000 mAh 8S (two 4S packs)
Futaba R149DP receiver
5 GWS Micro 2BB MG servos

Here are a few videos taken with an on-board camera (Nikon CP 3700):




I'm working on a The World Models Velox Rev II as well and will power it with the same power system as the Edge.

Mike Parsons
08-14-2005, 12:13 AM
That was a wild ride! Thanks :D

12-03-2006, 05:06 PM
I am currently setting up a 3d bling for electric, have not decided on a suitable power system yet. It has a range of 14 pounds to 16.5. I am developing a smoke system for large electrics. It blows very thick smoke just like a combustion engine. for more info my e-mail is [email protected] The system will have several unique safety features integrated into the design.