View Full Version : HRRC Chili Fly in video

02-21-2009, 04:13 AM
Hey everyone look at this vid of a fly in we went to a few weeks back. It was cold.... very cold... and windy! Man was it windy. We had 15-20 knots winds for most of, no wait, all day long and it was cold too.

hey had a really neat tent set up with the chili and eating going on inside it with the heat on since it was so cold out. It was really cold that day.

anyway, this one fella was nice enough to make a video and post it up. He gave us guys that were in it a DVD copy of it and it is much better quality. I'm surprised he was able to hold the camera so still since it was so cold that day.

Did I mention it was windy? and COLD!?

anyway, enjoy the video.