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capt. crash
02-24-2009, 01:07 AM
hey all, i opened my eflite brushless motor (i feel retarded why, see below), and I noticed all the wrapping/coiling of the wires seemed a little lacking.... is this normal? I built a brushed motor before (physics class), and I know I had the windings tight with no slop or anything on MY motor (it was a beauty, ran the best in the class, probably b/c of this), is it usual that bought motors aren't wound as tight/carefully? I would think that this reduces efficiency, is that correct? if this is correct, would I then get higher efficiency motors if i builded 'em?

I know you guys are the "experts" here at wattflyer on building brushless motors, how difficult is it, how much does it cost? I'm someone who has always tinkered with electronics, so if this isn't too hard to get into then point me in the best direction!

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02-24-2009, 02:33 AM
eflite is better than some but most of them use small gauge wire of multiple wraps. Don't bother with that motor if it runs-eflite is terrible to rewind. They glue the wires down and the stator is glued on something awful. It's an advanced rewind (de-wind really). As a starter wind the probablility of you improving on it is quite low for a new guy. I've yet to get one apart without ruining it.

Some motors are easy rewinds (TowerPro) but not such hot basic material. They do run better with a good wind though. Some are terrible (Turnigy, elfite, hacker, KA....).

If you want to learn more or take a cheap crack at it I'd visit GoBrushless.com, look at the GBv or GBx kit and read the associated tutorials. Those are easy starter motors, good chance of success, and excellent basic information. They use what is called an ABC wind. GB has good material and good kits. Don't bother with Radio Shack wire-terrible insulation. Seems all potential new winders think that would be a great place for wire. I did, it's awful-shorts everywhere.

Should that go well and you want to continue there is a lot of information available. This is not necessarily something to save money-hard to compete with Cheap Chinese motors. You can get a better motor and you will learn a huge amount about motors if you study up and stay with it. It brings another aspect to the sport and is fun if you like building things.