View Full Version : EDF Stryker Wing

03-08-2009, 03:11 AM
Built from a crashed F-27 with the wings cut from the body and rejoined. Excellent handling with fair speed from a GWS 64mm 6 bladed Ducted Fan. Theirs a cheap 5100kv inrunner spinning this this unit powered by a Rhino 25C 1350 3 cell pack that gives about 5 minutes of flight. The motor comes down a little warm so I limit it to the smaller packs until I add a heatsink.

The wing is very stable and shows no bad habits of stalling when slowed down. I put this in the hands of 3 other pilots that had never flown a wing and before the pack was gone they were doing full power low level passes like they had been flying it for months. With a prop setup this thing will haul :censor: and then some as I found out from my last one. :D

http://www.cascadeap.com/SW2.wmv 22.5MB (Better Quality)