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04-03-2009, 07:13 AM
Hey everyone... how do I search for more than one word in other posts, so that it returns only posts with those two words?

04-03-2009, 08:08 AM
Not sure friend, but you may have better luck posting this in the "support and suggestions" forum. Good luck bud.

04-03-2009, 02:44 PM
From what I gather testing it just now, searches default to return posts where all the words in your search are matched. If you want to search for single posts, change the option in the drop-down search box at the top to "Show Posts" instead of "Show threads," as I believe "Show threads" may look for all the words you are searching for within an entire thread, as opposed to making sure all the words are actually contained within a single post in any given thread.

You can also click the "advanced search" bar in the search drop-down for a few more options.

Hope that helps!

- Dave

Bill G
04-03-2009, 09:52 PM
Not a dumb question. I have never had good success with search engines in forums. I have searched for threads where I knew the EXACT word or words in the title, and got nothing. Eventually I would dig up the thread, and my search attempt was letter for letter, word for word.

I've had to get real creative sometimes in finding info I'm looking for. Things like searching for stuff that is often combined with what you are searching for.

04-03-2009, 11:27 PM
Try google site search. Put a " (quote) in front of your querry and it should return only those words in that exact order. I think;-)