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William L Baker
02-14-2006, 11:25 PM
in the last year I have disposed of all my glo equipment and models except three I could not part with, which included a Senior Telemaster, a 84" Powerhouse old timer and a 72" Mercury oldtimer. These have all been converted and fly better now. I used Lipo battery packs 4S 3200 in the Powerhouse and Sr Telemaster and 3S in the smaller Mercury. All motors are Axi out runners.The major tasks are to locate the battery near the firewall for balance purposes, basicly it goes where the fuel tank and reciever battery went.In the case of the Mercury, I cut loose the lower cowl block and made it be a removable hatch, holding the battery in place with velcro. The Telemaster with a very large area for fuel tank accessable by an upper hatch was no problem, and the Powerhouse requires the battery to be inserted through the cabin (with the wing removed) and pushed forward to the firewall. The remaining problem is the mounting of the motors and except for the Mercury, it worked really well to use the motor mount PM41001 in the HL catalogfor AXI 28 and 41 series motors. On the Mercury I simply needed a 3/4" block between the radial motor mount and the firewall. The props are 12/7 or 8 for the Powerhouse, 13/7 or 8 for the telemaster and 11/7 for the Mercury.I am using Ultimate BEC sold my HL to avoid having to use a seperate reciever battery. The Mercury uses a 2826/10 motor and the others use a 41 series motor and I am sorry but at the moment cant find my notes as to the number of winds etc, and cant see the number on the motors. But I will dig the information out if anyone really needs to know. I said the models fly better now and that is no exaggeration, but I have to admit they were maybe a tad underpowered on the glo motors I was using : a 52 four stroke on the Powerhouse, a K&B Sportster 28 on the Mercury and a 90 four stroke on the Sr Telemaster.I flew the Mercury with the same four cell pack as the other two, but it was so grossly overpowered, I went to a three cell pack, but had to tape a piece of lead on to the battery pack to keep the CG good.I did cut a hole of two for airflow entrance and exit for battery cooling. The only problem I see in conversion is maintaining the CG withour adding ballast. I took the route of using large lipolys mounted as far forward as possible, and this was enough ballast, I could have moved the servos from the aft end of the cabin to near the front if necessary to help with the CG.All the models have a better rate of climb now, and the oldtimers still glide and thermal well, and the Telemaster is still the all time greatest touch and go machine ever. :)

02-15-2006, 02:41 AM
Maybe you could dig out some of the old pictures and make some new ones and do a before and after set for us.

I have the Telemaster hanging on the wall with a Saito 72 waiting for the big day. Picked up two Polyquest 4s1p3100's in the frig. Saving my lunch money for the next purchase.:D

AXI 4130, have the controller left over from another project.

She has 2# .45 caliber lead ball in her belly. That could be all battery!!!

By George:)

02-16-2007, 12:07 AM
Hi William And George You Came Just On Time With This Information I M About Receive A Sr Telemaster Kit, So All Information And Tips You Have Will Be Very Welcome Right Now Before I Start Building This Bird Because It Will Be Ep
Have A Nice Day