View Full Version : Forsale For Sale - Traxxas Blast, Postal MO or Local PU

Bill G
04-14-2009, 02:19 AM
$80 Shipped Conus US Postal MO
$60 local pickup

Comes with all gear in the stock package, including:

Working boat and transmitter.

$50 Spike reverse capable ESC, as I did not have the best luck with the stock Traxxas ones. May not show in the pics below, but it is what is in it now, and will come with it.

Spare Traxxas receiver, along with the one installed. The first got damp, and the LHS gave me a replacement the next day, when it still did not work. A day later it must have dried fully and started working. Lesson learned, use ballons and silicone sealant.

Throw ins:

I'm calling these throw ins, as they do not come with the stock package and are extras. I have no reason to believe the do not still work well, but have not used in a while:

12V alligator clip timed charger