View Full Version : For Sale - JR 783 and 642 Excellent Condition

02-15-2006, 05:36 AM
I've got a couple of radios that I'm needing to sell because I just spent some $$ on a really nice plane this weekend and am needing to offset some costs. See pics and/or ask questions.

1. JR 783 - will do air + helis. Excellent condition functionally and cosmetically, the only thing of note is a thumb sized wear spot on the plastichrome on the right stick where I carry the TX, but the battery is OK and should be good to go. This is an "A" version, but it has CCPM enabled and will do helis as well. As this is an "XP" radio, it will do SPCM (JR's latest PCM) as well as standard PPM FM. This is solid radio with absolutely no issues. Comes complete with JR module on Channel 72.670 (Channel 44) and manual on CD. $130 shipped in CONUS.

2. JR 642 - will do air + helis - Excellent condition inside and out, on channel 59. This radio was recently fully checked out and upgraded by Horizon with new gimbals on both sides (I believe that some of the 600 series of JR radios had a manufacturing defect in the gimbals, and these gimbals are brand spanking new). As this is an "XP" radio, it will do SPCM (JR's latest PCM) as well as standard PPM FM. The only thing of note is the battery, it could use a newer battery. Radio + manual on CD - $65 shipped in CONUS. **SOLD**

Both of these radios are solid, I don't sell junk or stuff I consider questionable.

02-23-2006, 09:14 PM
642 sold, 783 still available. Will sweeten the deal and throw in matching RX crystal for the 783.