View Full Version : Forsale Various Items for sale! Make offer on all!

Garret H
04-19-2009, 03:31 AM
Many items for sale. Almost all are "make offer" (unless noted) since I have no use for these.

1. Charger from Hangar 9 E-Aspire glider for 7.2V-8.4V, 1200-2000mAh NiCd & NiMh batteries. Alligators plugs to connect to car, Tamiya plug for charging.
2. Unknow charger + discharger. I believe it is from a Megatech P-51, used with 8.4V NiMh. Has mini-Dean's soldered on.

Brushed Motors:
3. 550 or 600-size, taken out of E-Aspire.
4. GWS 350 (unknown condition)
5. GWS 400 (unknown condition)

6. 8.4V 900mAh NiMh from Firebird (unknown condition)
7. Large, 8-cell NiCd from E-Aspire. This plane originally had a 6-cell, but I added two more cells later on. I am unaware of the mAh size, but suspect around 2000. Pack has Tamiya connector soldered on. I haven't used this pack for quite a while. It would probably need a good cycling!

8. Wire holders for soldering. Work well! $2 each (5 available)
9. .25-.40 sized rounded landing gear.
10. Hitec Single-conversion channel 48 RX crystal. Tag is torn, but crystal is in good condition. $3

11. Props:
GWS 9x7 Slo-fly

Nitro: (yeah, I know -- "Wattflyer.com" -- I do it all)
10x6 Master Airscrew
10x6 Wood
18x6 Master Airscrew $6

Make offer on anything!

P.S. You can see my trader rating on RCGroups.com -- same username.