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Glacier Girl
04-19-2009, 04:32 PM
Well now, where to begin? Our club came about because of the forums, "The Badius Owners Club" over on RCU was/ is the largest forum in in the Park Flyers section if not the total site. So large that it's on part four now as the site couldn't handle the posts!

We found each other as newbies who found no help from the clubs when we had problems trying to fly our "toys".
We decided to become the de facto place to go when a new flier needed help. "Paying it forward" became our creed.

We are the first totally internet based flying club, and an official non-profit corporation, with our own web sites. I myself converted 25 acres of land I own to build a flying field on for the club. We meet once a year, putting the faces with the avatars. A week plus of more flying, lying, and eating then you can imagine, and it's for the whole family.

Members are AMA and Outlaw, we don't care what you are, only that you come to fly, or talk, or ask questions. And often the talk has nothing to do with flying.

Our members cover the US, and also parts of the UK, Canada, OZ land, Japan, and a few other places. And we don't think of the folks as members, we're family. Some really close relationships have developed all because of a silly little yellow ARF, the Badius.

As for planes, well if it flies somebody there has "been there-done that".
From micros to monsters, prop, glider, EDF, helis, ARF/RTF, scratch built, you name it.
And we don't care if it's electric or not.

Heck we even have forums on our own site, on BBQ, sports, car repair, and so on.

We're always on the look out for new members, and for newbies in need of help. So if you, or you know someone in need of help send em our way.
Or heck if you're just looking for a place to check out, meet some fellow fliers, and maybe even find some friends check us out.

www.badiusownersclub.com/forum2/index (http://www.badiusownersclub.com/forum2/index)

This year's meet is being held on a member's AMA club field in New York, week of Aug 2, due to my moving to Florida.
We even got AMA President Dave M's blessing, not bad for a bunch of Outlaws invading an AMA field.

10-07-2010, 03:26 AM
Brad heres a pic of Sean with his trainer!!

12-01-2015, 12:06 PM
hey, Mr. Kamikaze Ace,

The link no longer works.


12-01-2015, 12:13 PM
Nice Bio and I see you are at Lakeland, Florida.

Seems like you travel a lot. ;)