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02-17-2006, 09:27 PM
A friend gave me a small Largan Chameleon Mega 1.3 mp camera, so I decided to rig it up on my stock 350-d for AP. I made the mount and first tested with a dummy load. No go, it would barely ROG and was very sluggish in flight.

I bought the Esskay 400XT and CC18 esc and tested with various packs and props that I had available. I finally settled on a 7cell NiMh 750 and GWS 11X4.8 SF prop. This combo drew 8.0 amps and dropped to 8.2 volts on a freshly charged pack.

I first tested without the load and it had much more power that the stock setup, taking the SS up at a 45 degree angle. I then added the mount with a dummy load and it flew about like with the original setup without a load. So, now it's time to try to take a pic. Just waiting for a calm, sunny day

02-17-2006, 10:05 PM
That looks good. Sometimes the simplest setups are the best...

My first foray was a Slow Stick with a retimed EPS-300, 12x6 prop, and an 8 cell 720 NiMH. It carred a very heavy $7.00 Wally world 35mm camera. It worked, I guess you could say. I've tagged a pic or two to show how sloppy it was. The servo was actually glued on-the rubberbands just held the assembly to the plane.

One of my more advanced club members has a Clancy Lazy Bee with a Sony digital. It was converted using a big AXI, and he takes some really great pictures. He has had a couple of articles in FlyRC specifically on aerial photography.

I'm hoping to build a setup specifically for AP soon. I'll probably end up converting a glow trainer to electric.


02-18-2006, 02:50 AM
nick - looks like you did good getting off the ground with that hefty 35mm camera on a GWS400.

Like I said, my GWS300 wouldn't hack it, so I went to the Esskay 400XT. Maybe I should have done more testing with different pack and prop combos. I had been flying the stick for six months with the GWS300 and a 10X8 prop and 7cell nimh 750 and that's what I tested with the camera load.

Maybe it's time I started exploring a higher cell count and going LiPo. Good luck with converting the trainer to electric. Bob.