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nz builder
02-18-2006, 04:55 AM
Hi, Im new to this forum. I accidently posted a thread in the wrong topic forum, please click to take a look at my latest project and offer your comments http://www.wattflyer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=45196.

Sky Sharkster
02-18-2006, 10:54 AM
To NZ Builder, Great job on the "Spitfire"!! Can you give details on the weathering? Is it airbrushed model paint? What did you use for covering?
The 30" W.S. version will be about a "400" size, you will have a lot of motor choices. Do you intend to make it 3 channel or 4 channel? Are the tail surfaces enlarged from scale? Keep us posted and welcome to Wattflyer!

nz builder
02-18-2006, 12:16 PM
Thanks for your comments regarding my Spitfire. I've got a friend in the know who is fixing me up with a brushless motor and controller for it. I'll post the motor specs when he tells me more! It's going to be 4 channels, speed, elevator, ailerons, retracts (GWS). Ive coupled the retracts to the flaps mainly because I think the flaps look cool really. They might do someting, God knows! Im happy with the way the weathering went on it too. I think a Warbird should look like it's seen action, besides I wanted a model that my kids thought was cool to look at. I painted the plane using a combination of tinted house paints and my son's acrylics for his wargamming figures. I used a combination of brush and sponge ( for the edging of the olive to make it look sprayed on). The roundels & Lettering etc were straight out of my printer on very light copier paper then cutout and glued. I drew the panel lines using a pencil then I went over the pencil lines a number of times pressing into the wood to create the appearance of panels. On the wings I painted the silver on to represent walkways and ammo access hatch wear and tear etc. I also painted silver into some of the removable panel lines. Pastels also came in handy when I wanted to show Oil spray, exhaust smoke, dirt and wear. I used to practice with pastels doing portraits etc. For any obvious riveting I got some small gauge aluminium tube and put it in my dremel and lightly drill it into the wood, after which I dusted black pastel into the rivets to make them standout.
I didnt include every detail, panel etc but I hopefully captured the essence of one of the most beautiful aircraft ever, in my eyes anyway.

Oh the tail surfaces are scale too!

nz builder
02-19-2006, 12:07 PM
I used sheeting 1/32 on over the stringers for the fuse. The tail surfaces are built up as opposed to the sheet tail surfaces on the plan. I made sure that I had a "beefy" leading edge on the wing in case I prang it! I used light wood thoughout to keep the weight down. I covered the wings in light grade tissue. I pick up the motor and other gear this week so I will first install it in my mock up spit made to the same dimensions in polystyrene and packing tape! I wont cry if I prang it.........I will tape it back together again.