View Full Version : Belt CP ESC dead !!

05-15-2009, 03:06 PM

Im back with yet another question. I have re-built by Belt CP, new plastic frame and tail boom etc have all been assembled. Did a couple of packs just hovering to check the fight characteristics as well, things looked fine.

Later in the day, I took it out to check in the open hoe it faired. I connected the battrey, the cyclic servos worked fine, the receiver was connected,the motor/esc beeped as usual, however, the 704b gyro did not arm, did not even show the LED lit !! so naturally, the tail servo did not work either, I disconnected and re-connected the battery, now nothing would work, not even the receiver (2.4 Ghz esky) would show the light. Although, when connect the battery to the esc...it feelsl as if some current flows through due to the slight spark at the deans connectors....but nothing responds....no light on the receiver as well....do you think the esc has gone bad....I will check with another esc though...but still your inputs will be very valuable......thanks in advance to all you wonderful folks out there !!:<:

05-16-2009, 10:51 AM
Hey guys,

Just canged the ESC of the heli....now everything is fine and the heli arms & flies as normal. This just proved that the ESC Hexfets go dead on the 'Off' position as well other than the usual 'On' position !! Hope this helps someo ther folks with similar issues . Cheers - Amit