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Nitro Blast
02-19-2006, 09:44 PM
Yesterday was a flying day like I have never had before. 25 years holding RC transmitters and I screw up pretty good.

I'll start with the 'three strikes and you are OUT' rule for my POLK RX. The Seeker II has now three confirmed kills and wont get another chance in any other bird. I had no trouble with the Seeker RX in Vegas, nor in Hawaii, but in San Diego, at three different fields, it has gotten hit hard enough to cause loss of the aircraft.

Ok, back to yesterday.
I arrive at the SEFSD Field as usual around 08:00, get set up chat, some coffee, and in the air for my first flight of the day with my Hyperion Yak:

Two great flights, and a little break.

I prep for the maiden of my Hyperion P-51 Mustang:

Range Check.. good. All systems go. Set down on the flight line she's ready to taxi out. Power up, tail up, roll out, and beauty of a climb out at 2/3 throtle. Climb to trim, one click down, one click left aileron and I'm hands off at straight and level. 2 minutes down. Roll to inverted, hold level with very little pushing down. Outside immelman to straight and level, now in the upwind leg. Check roll rates. Full left aileron, to full right aileron rolls. nice and tight, stops when I tell it to. Big outside loop, nice and smooth. Tight inside loop, and I think I'll dial in expo from 30% to 40~45% for the next flight. 4~5 minutes down. Turn to downwind high speed pass, nice and low down the runway. Looks nice. Pull to inverted and trottle up to 100%. Vertical is very pleasing and strong. Up 3 mistakes high and fall into inverted flat spin. Looks great. Another speed pass to vertical climb for entry into the landing pattern. Huge smile. in the landing pattern on the down wind leg I get a bump in the rudder, a hard bump. Some panic, some throttle and I'm on the final now a little too hot. You know what is coming dont ya? On the throttle, now at 9 minutes of 15 tested run time. Lots of time left I make another landing attempt. Upwind leg good, crosswind leg fine, downwind leg so far so good, turn into final and BAM! rudder again! Full left aileron to try to stop the roll and rudder is freaking out! A little up, a lot down and then the inevetable tip stall of all warbirds going lock to lock, full diflection of any surface at low sped, crash She's banged up bruised, but fully reparable. Nice way to maiden the Mustang huh? Here is the damage:



A break, a soda, and a lot of 'stuff happens'. I pull the RX and a servo out , and just because everyone is talking about a 'black hole' I walk over to the general area where I was getting hit. With my transmitter on in the position I was (pilot station), when I got to the location of the crash the servo was going insane, and on more than one channel! It was like I was under a microwave beam or something. Definately getting hit, and confirmed. Polk Seeker II failing right before my eyes. Walk 50 feet away, and still twitching, but markedly less. Within another hundred feet, rock solid. A range check in the other direction absoloutely confirmes the physical location of the problem.

Ok, so the Mustang got shot down on her first sortie. Lets put a battery in the Sukhoi, and get back to flying. "Did you come to fly or did you come to cry?" I say outloud to my buddies. Another battery down, great flying.
Another break, and I put the last battery in the Sukhoi as the wind is picking up, and some guys have already left for the day. Hot dog, the sky is mine. I'm tearing it up low and close. Vertical jumps to flat spins, rolling climbs to the clouds.. Fun fun. You know what is coming dont ya?
More horsing around and I screw up, it gets away from me right over me, heading to the pits. WHAM. Bullseye. Right into the top of a newer SUV type vehicle owned by another club member. Dammit. I go right to the vehicle, and am completely beside myself. Apologies all over, 100% at fault. 100% accepting responsibility Small ding with paint chip from the prop hub is the damage. No other scrapes or dents. Definately a good ding though as the motor shaft was broken also.

Here she lays...


What I'm bummed most about is the ding on a club members vehicle. My dumb thumbs and now he's gotta go through the hassle of getting it repaired (yes of course I'm going to cover the expenses) but it is a hassle for him for sure, and I hope there wont be and bad blood at the field.

Not the best flying day's I've had.

Don Sims
02-19-2006, 11:36 PM
Double crud Nitro. Hate to read about you taking in two such fine looking planes!

02-20-2006, 07:12 AM

02-20-2006, 03:44 PM
A fellow club member lost three planes to the Seeker RX here in the Frederick, MD area. Put it in a YAK-54 and no sooner after it had taken off it went in. Snapped the fuse in two places.

Repaired it, replaced the RX with an Electron 6, no more problems since. No one will dare mention Polk or Seeker when he is around. He is that sore about the product. :o

crast test dummie
02-20-2006, 04:25 PM

I feel your pain, theres nothing worse than a glitch that you have no control of crashing one of your beautiful planes. I have had trouble with GWS receivers in the past. After smashing a new A-10 into the ground I swore them off!!! I only use Electron 6 receivers in all my planes. They have been ROCK SOLID!! My A-10 loss wasn't too big of a deal, after all it's just a foamy thats easy to replace with a $30.00 slope kit and a few hours of my time. If I crashed 2 beauties like your P-51 and your Yak I'd be sick. I'm an ARF guy, I never built a balsa plane, so repairing a balsa plane like yours isn't a realistic option for me. I also don't have the time to build. Heck I have been trying to put a new Stryker together for over 2 weeks and can't seem to find the time even for that, LOL.
Any how I'm getting a little long in the tooth here. Toss those receivers out and move on. Although it sounds like you already have. Good attitude.


Nitro Blast
02-20-2006, 10:04 PM
qban, I am completely happy with the Polk Transmitter. It's the RX that is worthless. I have also been using HiTec RX's with the Polk Seeker II and have not had the hits that the RX had.

crash test , thanks for the words. Its been a tough couple of days! Now to start waiting for the repair bill...

02-21-2006, 04:13 AM
I was talking to an old flyer at my local club meeting last thursday. He told me that the Polks were having issues staying in frequency tune. I would almost wonder if that was the case here.

02-21-2006, 09:59 AM
qban, I am completely happy with the Polk Transmitter. It's the RX that is worthless. I have also been using HiTec RX's with the Polk Seeker II and have not had the hits that the RX had.

crash test , thanks for the words. Its been a tough couple of days! Now to start waiting for the repair bill...

The Seeker II is what Randy and others have been having problems with at four clubs here in the Greater Washington, DC area, moving all the way to Frederick in one direction to Laurel and Baltimore, MD in the other.

The very reason I suggested a receiver switch to see if that would correct the problem. Evidently it did. Too bad there are many who have lost nice looking flying machines to what appears to be a product with many unresolved issues. Not a good thing. :o

Bill G
02-21-2006, 10:47 PM
I like the idea and was interested in them, but never got one and was a skeptic from minute 1. The idea of trusting a microprocessor to hold frequency just doesn't sell with me. The possible failures doesn't outweigh the benefits. At least with the Spectrum, everybody is sith the same program, to avoid a shoot down. Without that benefit, the Seeker just isn't worth it. The Seeker only keeps you from shooting someone else down. Who cares about that, I'm worried about my plane.:D