View Full Version : Forsale SpaceAge Landing gear for sale

NJ Georgee
08-13-2009, 02:58 PM
My latest invention, Im selling these super light weight landing gear made by myself. I can make them in typical style or custom. They are feather weight compared to aluminum ones. The pictures are a few examples. I could'nt beleave the weight savings and they flex in a scalelike manner to cushion your landings. The picture showng the gear flexed is just to show how far they can bend, they will not bend like this on landing unless it was a crashed landing.But beleave me the weight savings makes aluminum ones seem like lead.There an expanded PVC material. I can make them for floats too which would make take offs faster.Ive given the price alot of thought and i ep coming up with 750.00 each. But The decmal mut be wrong. So im offering them at 7.50 for a single and 11.00 for a twin float set. If interested in them We just need an email of the size and style.
I also make an "Elvis" one as seen in the pic.For you younger guys its the Bell Bottom ones...lol