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03-02-2006, 05:57 PM
Anyone who has read my posts knows that I strongly recommend computer radios to everyone. Their value and convenience is great and the cost per plane typically is less then standard radios if you buy one radio per plane.

Having said that, FREE is hard to resist!

I have discovered a Hitec NEON 3 channel radio package where the radio is essentially free.

Tower Hobbies - $59.99

If you bought the servos and receiver separately the sum is more than the parts:

The package includes 2 HS-55 servos worth $14 each = $28
Micro 05 receiver .................................................. .................$30
One channel crystal for the receiver ..................................$11
There are other minor things in the package too

So, if you add that up, to buy those parts will cost you $69 - The package, with the radio, is $60. Not only do you save $8 but you get the radio FREE!
I still recommend a computer radio but this will fly a 2-3 channel electric or glo plane, a 2-3 channel RES glider, a 2 channel slope glider and it has mixing for V tail or elevons. Since it uses regular batteries, you don't have to remember to charge it, just bring an extra set of batteries.

I will use mine as a travel radio to take with me on trips. It will fly either my 2 channel Boomer discus launched glider wing, or my 3 channel Carbon Kestrel which folds up and can be stuffed in with my clothes. If it gets broken, I don't fix it, I throw it away and buy another package. I will always have use for 2 servos and a receiver w/ crystal

If you need a first radio and won't go for a computer radio, this will do. But don't be tempted to buy this plus the add on features for your first radio. It doesn't have a trainer port, ATV/EPA, or dual rates which are helpful features for a new flyer, but you can add them. Trainer port is $19, ATV is $11 and dual rate is $8.

However once you do all that you spend $41 to upgrade your free radio. Now the package is $101 and will only fly 3 channel planes. You would be MUCH better off getting the Hitec Laser 4 for $114 as it has all this plus 4 full channels and includes rechargeable batteries.

I STILL recommend committed flyers go to entry level computer radios which start at around $150 for a radio, receiver and servos. But if you want a cheap travel radio and can deal with the limitations, this is a great deal!

04-27-2006, 04:18 AM
Has anyone taken advantage of this deal?