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Sky Sharkster
03-03-2006, 03:47 AM
One of my favorite online sites, Balsa Products (Why? Because they carry almost everything that's hard-to-find!) now has a couple of built-up WWII 'Birds, the P 51D Mustang and the P 40 Tomahawk. These are "Speed 400" sized-models, built from laser-cut balsa and ply, covered with iron-on film (P 40 is OD, Tan and grey camo, P 51D is silver, black w/yellow trim) feature a removable bolt-on wing, pre-installed aileron torque rods and pre-hinge-slotted. Painted F/G cowl and clear canopy (painted trim), Landing gear with 1" (!!??) Wheels, all hardware and pushrods, 10mm stick mount, decals (Flying Tigers AVG for P 40, USAF for P 51D) and an illustrated instruction manual. Here's the specs for the P 40 Tomahawk . The Mustang is nearly identical in size and weight;
Wing Span 33.8"
Wing Area 206 Sq. In.
Fuselage Length 29"
Model Weight 16-17 Oz
Both models are made for 4 channel control, R/E/A/T
Price? $ 84.95 each
BP is also carrying the Walkera F-16 Falcon, a pusher-prop model for $ 109.95 (including a brushless motor!)and the twin-ducted fan SU-27/SU-35 Super Flanker, price also $ 109.95. The Flanker includes (2) 380 brushed motors and (2) Walkera DF units. Both "Jets" are EPP foam.
Have Fun!

05-11-2009, 08:05 AM
I bought one of these (Oct 2008) and oh brother, what a piece of crap! flimsy balsa construction, horribly wrinkled what-ever-kote and the totally inauthentic YELLOW and green (not even US Army Kakki) paint looks like it was applied by a blind man! The AVG P40's were NOT painted camo! My father flew in the Panda Squadron, I have pics, I know! They (100) were P40's that had be deverted from Lend-Lease to Briton and were painted RAF Kakki and NEVER repainted because they never had time; they were only in Burma for 4 months!

I would NOT recommend this model to anyone, the :censor: price is outrageous considering the terrible quality!