View Full Version : BP Camel build Any tips?

09-11-2009, 04:39 PM
Hi All,
I was getting some basics from BPHobbies the other day when I saw they lowered the price of the Camel. Well my oldest son was flying my SE5 last week he said he'd really like a 'bipe. Never one to discourage a good thing I bought him this Camel.

It's really a great looking model ('cept for the landing gear - but I'll fix that), and arrived in mint shape. The covering is nice and tight and the detail is good. I have a 1010 Frio that I'll power it with, and since it's a tad bit smaller than the SE5 it should go pretty well.

SO - I only found one post here about the plane. They seemed to have had a problem balancing the plane out. I'm not shocked, as Camel's have a nose about as long as my Bulldogs and expected that. Anyone else flying this plane got any set up/trim tips????? Shes not gonna hit the build board 'till this winter so late posts are welcome.

09-11-2009, 06:34 PM
I have the Wattage Camel. I mounted the servos and receiver as far forward against the back of the fire wall as possible. Battery and ESC are mounted under the cowl. I used pull-pull(on all my WW1 plane but one) to save weight on the tail. I did not have to add any weight for balance. When flying a hard turn almost looks like the tail on dog, everthing seems to turn around the cowl. If the real Camel flys like my model I can see where good pilots could make the plane hard to follow by making quick turns. Turn hard one way and the plane quickly turns and dives, turn the other way is slower and the plane climbs.