View Full Version : Forsale For Sale - Titanium Socket head Screws 4mm & 5mm

09-13-2009, 05:33 PM
Good day folks, I have Titanium Socket head Screws:

4 x 12mm $6.00 / bag of 12ea. shipped to US

4 x 16 & 18mm $6.00 / bag of 10ea. shipped to US

5 x 26mm $6.00 / bag of 6ea. shipped to US

Please PM me for quanity discounts. These cost the
end user ~ $15 EA! (in 1985).

ESA Satellite hardware that I bought at an auction.
They are Phosphate blue in color with some sizes having
a tiny dab of Locktite applied to the last couple of threads.

Not sure of the thread pitch however they fit everything
I’ve used them for, so the thread count is a standard one.

Titanium is 1/3 lighter than steel & is apx the same weight
as aluminum (10% less). Apx 30% higher PSI than Carbide!

The alloy is TI: 6% Alumnuim/4% Vanadium or “6AL4V”,

They dress up your aircraft (blue color) & save you weight.

Thanks for looking, Doug