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03-03-2006, 06:00 PM
Looking for a portable GPS unit that I can swap between my wifes car and mine. Dont need anything crazy fancy, but would like to have a nice looking display for the maps. Voice directions arent necessary, but I think most have that now. I want easy to navigate menus, and something easily upgradeable with new maps, and easy setup so I can just toss in the car and go.

Anybody have any suggestions? There are lots of "reviews" online by Cnet and the like, but I would like to hear real world user opinions.

03-03-2006, 06:48 PM
Hey frvrngn.
I have a pandheld PocketPC that I used for many years. In fact it was the second one I had in my household so I converted it into a GPS and used it happily for several years. It's an iPaq 3750 (very small about 16MB RAM). I upgrade it later so that it could take two CF (Compact Flash) cards, one for additional memory (512MB) and the other one the GPS. This upgrade is just an add-on expansion, so it's removeable and manageable.
The software that I tested out and most satisfied with was MAPOPOLIS (www.mapopolis.com) - They were the cheapest and most exceptable for me. I think one year's upgrades to their maps was about $89.00/year.
Check them out.
Now the CF GPS you can find by google-ing PDA GPS. This would take you to numerous sites that you can investigate. These days I also see that there are some SD-type GPS's. When I investigate this a couple of years ago, it was only CF-type devices. Shop around - you should not pay more than $180 for the device, but that depends on your needs and the options you have. You will be able to pick up some used PDA's these days for a couple of $$'s or you can go with a new one - again - your choice.

The last option is to get a mobile GPS device. I do not like these personally since it's a GPS and that's only what it is. While if you convert a PDA to a GPS, you have two devices in one - much more functions.

Just my 2c.

Take care

Jason T
03-07-2006, 12:17 AM
We have a Garmin Street Pilot 330. Its expensive but its portable and it has worked very well. Just plug it in and go.

03-07-2006, 07:18 AM

We are agents for Garmin in South Africa and it is a good product. Have a look at www./garmin.com (http://www./garmin.com)

Personally I think the GPSmap 60CSX has the best features, which include Auto-routing and portability.