View Full Version : B-26 Marauder, P-38 Lightning from Dumas

Sky Sharkster
03-04-2006, 02:05 PM
A couple of new "Warbird" kits from Dumas in their 30" wingspan line, these are advertised as "Rubber-Powered" Free Flight models but that's never stopped anyone before! Bear in mind these are "stick+Tissue" type builds, not ARFs, some building experience is needed, especially with an R/C conversion in mind.
Specs and price are nearly the same, so here goes;
B-26 Marauder + P-38 F/M Lightning
Wingspan 30"
Length (B-26) 25" (P-38) 18"
Airfoil Flat Bottom
Price $ 49.99
Laser-cut parts, Vac-formed canopy, nacelles and spinners, color peel+stick decals, full size plans with step-by-step instructions. Also includes (for the rubber-powered version) FAI tan II rubber, 5" props, plastic wheels (1" nose, 1-1/2" main), tissue paper for covering, .041" music wire.
Also in the 30" wingspan group are the DHC-2 "Beaver", F8F2-Grumman "Bearcat", Hawker "Hurricane", Dornier DO 335 "Arrow", Aichi Type 99 "Val", Curtis F9C- "Sparrowhawk".
Dumas also has a 40" wingspan L-19 "Bird Dog" listed under "Electric R/C".
http://www2.towerhobbies.com "Search" for Dumas.
Have Fun!