View Full Version : Eflite Blade cp+ ????

10-04-2009, 05:55 PM
Hi, im probably getting the Eflite blade cp+.

It says on horizon hobby that there is a aerobatic kit you can purchase and use on the heli to make it fly aerobatic,

Can the blade cp+ fly aerobatic without the aerobatic kit on.
The aerobatic kit includes (Different blades, heat thingy, a motor and you need to buy you own extra battery for more power).

Thats my question..can the Eflite blade cp+ fly aerobatic without having to buy the aerobatic kit.


10-04-2009, 07:13 PM
Short answer is yes with the included symmetrical blades, however, this is a very difficult heli to master. I would (and I'm not affiliated with ANYONE) go witht the AXE CP. It's sturdier, bulkier and can fly just as well (about the same price if not cheaper too). I have both and the AXE is what I must admit I usually grab for a quick backyard flight. You'll eventually want to upgrade to a bell-hiller aluminum is expensive but so are replacing plastic parts which trust me, even if you've flown coaxials or even bigger, steadier heli's you'll need. The Eflight is more capable out of the box for 3D and inverted, but it depends on your experience. Just offering mine.