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Slow Go
03-09-2006, 05:37 AM
I have a Condor Magic that flew for the 1st time Monday. It was great. There are some things I would like to try with the wings and that brings me to my question. Does anyone know where I can get a spare set of wings? Hobby Lobby informed the the Mfg no longer mak the Magic or Voodoo. The Mfg. will replace them with some new model. If I can't find new ones I'd like to find a used set.:confused:

Sky Sharkster
03-09-2006, 01:58 PM
To Slow Go, I'd suggest posting on all the "Glider" or "Powered Glider" Forum threads you can find. Also, eBay is a pretty good resource, check "Gliders", "Sailplanes" and maybe "Electric R/C airplanes". It may take a while but one will come up. I've seen separate wing sets there for other gliders.
Lastly, two links that are primarily "Thermal" glider sites but may have E-Powered glider flyers who can help;
http://www.fatlion.com/sailplanes/links.html Scroll to "R/C web directory"
http://www.silentflight.org/LSF_Base/links.htm This is the League of Silent Flight page.
Good Luck!