View Full Version : Bl-8 And 3 Cell Lipo Battery

08-15-2005, 03:10 PM
I Recently Bought The Flat-out Cap-580 With The Rimfire Motor, Bl-8 Esc And The 3 Cell 640 Mah From Electrifly.
The Manual Of The Esc Stated That When Used With 3 Cell, The Bec Circuit Need To Be Desable, But There Is No Reference To This On The Cap-580 Manual.

Do I Need Another Battery For The Receiver?
Do I Am Mis-understanding The Meaning Of The Bec Circuit?

Can Anybody Tell Me What Do I Need To Do To Get This System Working Properly.



Matt Kirsch
08-16-2005, 04:40 AM
Follow the CAP 580 manual for the CAP 580. Follow the ESC manual for the ESC.

The BEC normally powers your receiver and servos without the need for a separate receiver battery. The problem is when the voltage difference between the main battery and the receiver's needs gets too big, the BEC can't handle the heat.

If you disable the BEC, yes, you need a separate receiver battery. Frankly, I would get a different ESC with a better BEC because the extra weight from a separate receiver battery will make the plane fly poorly.