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03-10-2006, 02:57 AM
We have just added 3 new BEC's to our line of effecient high voltage Potencia BEC's.

In addition to the 2A/5v, 2A/6V, 2A/9V, 3.5A/5V, and 3.5A/6V we have added the following:1.5A 5V
1.5A 6V
3.5A user selectable 5V or 6V

The 1.5 Amp has a unique feature in that you do not have to remove or cut the ESC's BEC power wire,
you just plug it into the ESC connector on the BEC and plug the BEC into the receiver.
No more Y connectors, using other receiver ports or cutting and taping wires. Just plug it in an go.

See all the details at http://www.MedusaProducts.com

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