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12-06-2009, 10:31 PM
So far, I have wound 1 and 3/4 of the blue wonder motors (3/4 because the wire is wound but the motor isn't back together)

So, that first motor I wound, I did it by hand, holding the wire wrapped around my index finger and thumb. Well that hurts after a while, and the wire doesn't get that tight.

Today, while starting the wrap on the second motor, My friend who ties flys suggested we make a tool like they use for wrapping flys. So we did:

you will need:
1) pen with a tip just wide enough to accept dubro micro pushrod tubing
2) micro dubro pushrod tubing

Take the ink out of the pen.
Drill a hole in the side of the pen about 3/4 inch back from the tip at an angle pointing towards the tip.
Push the dubro pushrod tubing through the hole in the side and out the front 1-2mm.
Cut off the excess.

Now when your winding, feed the wire through the pushrod tube and use your thumb to hold it tight against the side of the pen to keep it from slipping. This was much much easier on my hands and resulted in a much tighter and cleaner wind then doing it with just fingers.

The soft plastic of the durbro pushrod guid ensures that the enamel coated wire isn't nicked when sliding through the pen. It also allows very accurate placement of the wraps.

The second motor is now done.
The first motor I did by hand has 14 turns and there was maybe room for one more turn.
The second motor I did the same 14 turns, but there was room for easily 2-3 more turns to fit so it's a much tighter wind

12-06-2009, 10:59 PM
Sounds excellent! I'm looking forward to the pictures.