View Full Version : Transmitter packs/2300mah NIMH AA's

03-12-2006, 12:38 AM
If anybody is interested, I will be selling 9.6V 2300mah NIMH Transmitter packs and loose 2300MAH NIMH AA's.


Standard flat style 2300MAH 9.6V pack (this is mostly what RC car TX's use but I think some air TX's may use them as well) - $20

Brick style 2300MAH 9.6V pack - $20

8 loose 2300mah NIMH AA's - $16 (this is about $4 cheaper than the energizers go for at my local stores)

Vanson 8 bay (cell) NICD/NIMH AA/AAA charger - $20

Charger/Loose cells combo - $33

All prices not including shipping ($3.50 for packs/cells, charger will cost more due to the extra weight)

If you would like to buy something just reply to this post or send a PM, for the TX packs I will need to know what kind of connector your radio uses and what style of pack (brick/flat).