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01-23-2010, 04:33 AM
The new copterX cx450pro. :$

01-23-2010, 02:04 PM
I just saw that on your site looks good. That's a great price too.

I wish CopterX would come out with a 500 or 200 sized Black Angel.

01-25-2010, 04:05 AM
I had talk to the copterX guys and they are planning on a 500 Black Angel. But it won't be out for some time as they are still at the design stage..... I am keeping my finger crossed too. :ws:

01-25-2010, 03:00 PM
That is good news indeed. I'm sure the 450 Pro will do quite well. If I didn't already have a CopterX 450 SE V2 I would get one, but my next heli will be something a little bigger.

01-27-2010, 02:02 AM
What are the differences between the pro and the SE?

01-27-2010, 02:19 AM
There is quite a big difference, they are almost two completely different heli's.

The SE uses two carbon pieces to make one side of the frame, the Pro uses only one piece. This places the servos in different positions. The Pro has a re-designed head as well. The head block is beefier. The Pro has a one piece landing gear and the SE has four pieces. I'm sure there are other differences as well, those are the ones I'm aware of.

I'm not sure if the tail is different.

01-27-2010, 02:43 AM
Ok thanks. I'm still pretty green when it comes to heli's.

I'm looking at stepping up from my belt CP V2 RTF and building a 450 size. I'm thinking I'm better off building than trying to mod out the belt.

I was going to buy the CX450 SE but the pro just came out and I was wondering if it's the better buy.

I really hope the 500 black angel makes it to market as I'm thinking of going 500 size once my skill increases.

01-27-2010, 03:09 AM
I've never flown the Pro so I can't give any kind of comparison. I do know my CX 450SE has been a great heli.

The BA would be great, my main concern would be price though. The BA 450 price is more than the CX 500 so I would think that the BA 500 would be over $300, add another $32 for shipping and it will get expensive fast.

01-30-2010, 03:40 AM
I am build the cx450pro now but as there are so much stuff to do in the office I don't have time to finish it yet..... The KY engineers said the PRO should be quicker and more accurate to cyclic input. And with the weighted tail should provide better rudder control as well. Just can't wait to get mine into the air.:ws:

01-30-2010, 03:48 AM
I thought all you guys that worked at hobby shops did was fly their aircraft out in the back lot. ;)