View Full Version : Forsale Pet Safe Wireless Fence Model PIF #300

03-23-2010, 08:09 AM
SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, New Pet Safe Wireless Fence Model # PIF 300

Price $100.00

PIF-300 Features:

Wireless Radio-Signal Dog Fence
For Dogs 8 lbs and Up
Wireless Coverage Area Up to 180 ft.
Easy to Install
Completely Portable, NO Wire to Bury
5 Adjustable Levels of Correction
Beep-Only Mode
Auto Safety Shut Off After 27 Sec
Low Battery Indicator Light
FCC Approved

Containment Features:

Ideal for Flat Yards, and Portable
Creates a Boundary Circle with a 180 ft. Diameter
Includes NEW, 2.5oz Waterproof PIF-275-19 Receiver
Uses 6 volt Battery Module
Operates Multiple Collars
System includes 50 Training Flag
Incase of Power Outage the System Turns Off the Collar
Containment Area can be Increased with Additional IF-100 Transmitters